Joomla! FAQs

Can I install theme for existing Joomla! website?

=> Sure, you can download template install package and install it via Extension Manager, then active new Theme as normally.

How to install Quickstart package (full website like demo)?

=> You can follow this guide to how to install quickstart package

In short, you just install two plugins

  • Download quickstart package, unzip it and upload to your website folder (normal it’s public_html or www folder).
  • Run install panel by access [yourdomain]/kickstart.php

Note: Because quickstart package already included Joomal! core, so if you installed Joomla! core, just uninstall it (remove it) first.

Can’t login after import dummy package

=> Yes, after install Quickstart package, it will reset password, you just login with new info:

Username: admin

Password: acb123


Username: admin

Password: [email protected]

We already mentioned this change via how to install Quickstart package guide.

How to remove/replace copyright

With PRO version, you can remove/replace copyright, just go to Template Settings, open tab “Basic”, find option “Copyright” and replace it.

How to increase website performance

Two plugins that we recommend you for Cache and Minify

  • Enable cache from Joomla! system.
  • Install and use JCH Optimize plugin.

What’s hosting/server that we recommend for WordPress?

Still have any technical issues for your Joomla! template?

Recommend you read full document for each Joomla! templates

In the end of you still need help, feel free Submit Ticket to get support from our specialist, our team will come and help you solve your issue quickly.